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Useful and Useless Information, Links, and Ramblings. Im sure many of the things here will only be entertaining to myself...
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Best of the WORST list:

9. Your listening to music using i-tunes or something at a perfect volume but then u open somebody’s myspace and the song is so loud your ears start to bleed

10. You sign onto facebook all excited but you soon realize u have 0 new wallposts, friend requests messages, or group invites…etc…

11. You cut yourself shaving, and u bleed for 2 weeks straight

22. Someone waves at you. Well you think it’s at you so you wave back but it ends up being to the person behind you.

23. You get lightning bolted in Mario Kart

27. You download some songs back in the day on kazaa, You put them on your ipod and then you’re going to bed listening to those songs. About a minute in the song gets cut off and it is just the most obnoxiously loud noise taking over.

32. You take a nap during the day, and you’re kind of up but not really and someone calls your phone 10 times and its on vibrate on your desk and makes that awful noise that forces you to get up.

34. Or…Ur taking a scantron test u finish the test…but there is 100 questions and u only have 99 answers, so you go back and you realize that you missed number four and have to change all of your answers.

36. Your laying in bed and you move your leg the wrong way and u get the most excruciating pain ever in ur calf

39. You are by yourself in your car just singing all out to the music when you look at the car next to you and the people in that car are staring at u and laughing

41. Instant messaging someone with the absolute wrong sentence/conversation

47. You say how’s it going to some one and they respond with “not bad u” and u say “not bad u” and there is an awkward silence because you are an idiot.

52. You get a nice pair of new pants and you go out with them on. And someone points out to you the stickers are still on them that say the size you are.

53. Trying to put socks on when your feet are wet

54. Your flossing but u cut a piece too short and it just doesn’t work out correctly.

57. You’re getting into someone’s car and you go to open the door right when they are unlocking so you don’t open it. You tell the person to open it and they unlock it again right as try to open it again and then that goes on like 5 for times.

58. You’re walking and someone is directly in your path and you move one way and the other person moves the same way and you just can’t seem to get by one another.

64. When you put a nice blob of toothpaste on ur toothbrush u put a little water on it an just before u go to brush your teeth the blob falls off.

69. itchy assholes -Dane Cook

73. when you go to drink a beverage, typically a can of soda, and you fail to line up the opening completely correct with your mouth and it just runs down your cheek

75. when someone doesn’t clean one of the beirut balls enough and you end up with a hair in your cup, but you dont notice till it’s already in your mouth

76. mistaking a waterbottle full of vodka for some nice refreshing spring water

83. When you leave aim on and one of two things happens…u either have like 20 messages and just feel like an asshole, or you have no messages and u feel like a loser

92. when the corners of your sheets come off your bed i the middle of the night and you don’t do anything about it and by morning your just sleeping on the fake ass plastic sticky matress and you just wanna kill everyone

96. When you know a movie well and kids quote the lines from it completely wrong and just completely butcher them

100. when you go to shake a hand of a kid that you only sorta know, and one of you goes for the firm handshake and the other one goes for the more thug 2 motion wrap around handshake, and its just a complete disaster of awkwardness

110. youre talking to someone online and theyre like ok i gotta go later, then theyre online for 15 more minutes and you feel like an absolute tool

127. rippin a cd on your comp and none of the track titles or artist names come up and you have to label them all yourself

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